Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Care to back that up, Al Gore?

I've got a crisp $100 bill in my wallet that says you are full of shit.
Hell, even the scientist whose notes you cribbed from is perplexed.
I honestly didn't think you could look any more stupid. Way to prove me wrong.
God help us all if you and your ilk get to determine the future of this planet.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Topping the list...

...Of vital problems our nation is facing today that require immediate government intervention is...
Yes. The College Football BCS system.
I'm sure government interference in college sports is Constitutionally mandated somewhere. Our Founders must have obviously put in a provision somewhere about government's power to regulate confusing college sports rules - I mean, it just stands to reason, right?

The sky is the limit as far as government authority is concerned. Note that this is a bipartisan effort, too. So much for Republicans and their promises of limited government.

I personally don't like the BCS system much, mostly because I don't understand it all that well, but if that's how they want to run their leagues, so what?

Well, I guess if congressmen don't like it, they get to drop the Federal Banhammer.

Your tax dollars at work - banning college sport systems that our lords and masters don't like.
I'm sure that there are absolutely no weightier problems facing the US that merit congressional attention right now.

Have these guys ever read the Constitution?