Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halo 3 ODST

Number One Son came into some money over the weekend and begged me to take him to GameStop after school on Monday, where he traded said cash for the latest in the Halo saga.
So far, it's an excellent game, game play being very much like Halo 3 with the obvious exception that the player is no longer a Spartan with powered armor, but an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, and as such much more susceptible to hits. The storyline is a little more complex - a lot of flashbacks rather than a straight line, but it's very interesting, made even more so since some of the voice actors portraying characters will be very familiar to those of you who are Firefly fans. Number One Son, however, is much more interested in completing the "vidmaster" achievements within the game to unlock the "Recon" armor in XBOX Live game play, which up till now was pretty much limited to employees of Bungie (the creators of Halo).
Of course, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the game as much as him - at least when I've had the opportunity to play - it's been quite a busy week thus far...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday, the Big Brown Truck Of Happiness paid me a visit and dropped something off...

Hmm... now what could that be? All the way from North Carolina?

Why, it's my Del-Ton rifle kit! Woohoo! And only seventeen weeks after I placed the order! I was jazzed to finally receive it, but I had no time last night to tinker, so I repacked it back into its snug little box and got on with my evening. Of course, it was never far from top of mind all day today... so when I got home from work, my friend and I completed the build.


Heh. What can Brown do for you?

Pretty, no? I took a shot of Number One Son holding it too, but I'd better not post it. The last time I did that, my mom didn't speak to me for two weeks :).

To recap:

Grizzly LAR-15 lower


Del-Ton A2 16in upper and 6 position stock

Bullet Button

Magpul PMAG permanently modified to 10 rounds

Can't wait to try her out... mwahahahaha!

Random Thoughts...

Obama. Dude. Shit or get off the pot. Seriously. I support the war in Afghanistan, always have, but if you’re not going to give your generals what they need to win, then just pull out. This half-assed limbo is achieving nothing but an increased American body count. Time for a little bit of leadership, bucko. While you’re at it, I’d also strongly recommend against second-guessing the guys on the ground, you know, the guys who have made a career out of the military, the guys who you hired to wage the wars because they’re the best at what they do, and much better at this stuff than a Chicago community organizer. The former president of our company once said in an interview that the secret to our success was to hire exceptional people and then get out of the way and let them do their jobs – some words of wisdom for you, Mr. President.

I hate Riverside nazis. Honestly, I was more than a little surprised to see these cockroaches comes out of the woodwork, having had no idea that there were any around here. I was very pleased to note that the counter demonstrators outnumbered them by a healthy 30 to 1. Yeah, yeah, freedom of speech, I know, but that’s the first thing that would go if these clowns got into power.

My worst nightmare. I have a particular dread of something like this happening to my own little girl, and a particular hatred of those who would do such a thing. This is disgusting. These are animals that need to be put down. There is no place in civilized society for such creatures. So much wrong on so many levels. That father must be despising himself for not being around when his daughter needed him. Why the hell he didn’t pick her up right at the school, in such a crappy town as Richmond we may never know. To the spectators who watched and did nothing: fuck you. You all need to be arrested as accomplices, especially those who took camera phone footage of this atrocity. The indifference to the crime is almost as appalling as the crime itself. My thoughts are with that poor girl.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quote of the day

....In the car with my friend Danny...
Talking about our Kia...
Danny: "You know, those damn Kias are throwaway cars, and you've done pulled that one out of the trash three times already".
Yup. I'll keep doing it until the wheels fall off, too...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The "pay czar" is now going to determine executive pay at those companies that received TARP funds, cutting pay by as much as 90%.
I'm glad that they're doing this.
Not because I think that they deserve the cuts, because it's "my" tax money, because it really isn't. It's deficit money - "pretend" money that the govt has pretty much just printed up, but that's another topic entirely.
Not because I buy into that class warfare bullshit either, because dragging rich people down does nothing to help me climb up.
No, I'm glad they're doing it because it serves as a perfect example of what happens when you look to the government to solve your problems.
You ask the government for help, eventually you're going to get fucked.
Hopefully people will learn from this.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random things...

Been a little busy of late, hence no bloggage. This past weekend I went up to Redding to help a friend and his wife out who just bought a house up there - a 3 bedroom on 9 acres for 125K, the lucky buggers. I love it up there, and would move in a heartbeat were it not for the fact that we're so upside down on our house it's not even funny.
Anyways, during the time we were up there, three of us managed to put in a new, bigger window, frame up an interior wall, clean out two nasty sheds (the house has stood vacant for two years) cut out and install 6 can lights in the kitchen area, rewire a bunch of crap, pull out some flooring, and generally make a huge mess... lots of fun.
The town the house is located in is a little place called Ono, population 598. The town eatery and bar is pretty much right at the end of the driveway (although it's a pretty long driveway) and the serve $6 pitchers! Oh yeah, baby!
Forgot to mention that they have a year-round creek running through the property too... plenty of fish in it from what I saw... yes, I'm jealous!
Another reason that I haven't been blogging much is that I've been looking for a new job, tossing out resumes and doing the associated research. I like the place that I'm at right now - hell, it's less than two miles from my home, flexible hours and nice folks to work with - but I'm getting the distinct feeling that it's not going to be there forever. I'd rather get out on my terms than wait, if you know what I mean...
Finally picked up a copy of Monster Hunter International... late to the party again, I know. I got it last night and I'm already on page 391. Hard to put down - I'm really digging the story. Hopefully number two will be out soon... I'll have to drop Mr Correia a line and let him know how much I like it...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondays suck

Especially this Monday. Over at Say Uncle, I learned that Arnold signed AB962, the Ammo bill, right before midnight last night. There's not much more to say, really. If he represents the Republican party in this state, then I have no use for them. They're not protecting my rights or interests. Days like this make me wish I could just up and leave. I'm gonna go pout now.