Monday, April 30, 2007

Debating a Moonbat at Protest Warrior Operation

I don't know how old this is, but it's pretty funny. I love how articulate and reasoned their arguments are.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I wore my brand new olive drab "Bred in a Shed" Biggs Harley-Davidson of San Marcos shirt to work today, and not FIVE MINUTES before I was due to leave, I spilled some hexadecane on it. Great. I used to get acid holes, now I guess I've graduated to oil stains.

When in China...

..Given their fine tradition of upholding and respecting civil liberties, you might want to exercise a little discretion. Discretion, as in NOT climbing up Mt Everest and displaying a protest banner.
I cannot fault these people's message, but I think they are going to find out in very short order that China is not California.

Light posting...

...due to the fact that April is fast running out and I need to get that citizenship application form in before the price jumps from $330 to $595.
I'd gladly pay that (and more) for the privilege of US citizenship, but hey if I can save a couple hundred, why not?
So, last night was spent frantically rummaging throughout the house trying to find my passport, to verify when I had left the country within the last five years (Cabo in '03 - just me and wifey -- ahhh, good times...), then trying to find out when I went on a fishing trip (Cabo again) which was not recorded in my passport since I just used my green card... I finally resorted to tearing apart my clothes drawers to find the T-shirt I'd bought and it had the year on it - 2001 - cool, don't have to sweat that trip.
Today, I ran out to Rite Aid to get my passport photos which don't look like me because I swear I was smiling, but these are of some fat git with a scowl on his face.
Found my Selective Service number on the net (man am I glad I didn't blow that off when I was 18 - it could have easily happened, I was quite the slacker back then).
Now to finish up the TEN PAGE application (black ink only), get all the required paperwork together, write the check (adding $70 for fingerprinting...$70?! WTF?), find a manila envelope and mail it.
Then wait 7 months.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Now this is cool

Scientists have discovered a possible Earth-like planet, and a mere 20.5 light years away...
This is the first planet discovered outside of our solar system that isn't a gas giant, and it's in the right temperature range for liquid water and therefore life as we know it.
Now if we could just get that whole FTL drive thing worked out...
Found via Drudge.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remember Me

My wife sent me this link. I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Have some kleenex handy.

Remember this guy?

Well, he's out after 80 days in jail (it's been that long already?) due to a plea deal. Needs to undergo psychiatric evaluation and has three years probation.
Oh yeah, now he can no longer own guns.
I feel much safer.
I'm wondering if the day is coming in California when all gun owners will be treated as though they have a "sickness".
I'd best move before then.

Only in California...

...could you expect to see a law banning incandescent light bulbs make it out of committee.
I'm all for energy-efficient light bulbs, we have several in our house, but banning light bulbs seems a little silly. Are we going to see a black market in incandescent bulbs? Are people going to start sneaking them in from out of state? What would the penalties be for such egregious violations of the law?
A new class of criminal... energy offenders?
Brought to you by the tireless vigilance of the Stewards of the Environment in Sacramento.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hiking the "M"

I picked up the kids from school after work today and headed on up to this mountain at the edge of town. I used to hike it more frequently, but finding time lately has been a bit tough. It's about a five mile round trip to the top (beyond those radio antennae you see on the horizon) but it's a fairly mild hike. At the top you're overlooking a giant "M" that's been painted onto the mountainside. I'd have gotten pictures of it but I forgot to take the camera out of the truck.
And yes, this is what passes for nature around here... the kids had fun; anywhere you can throw a rock they're happy...

Friday, April 20, 2007


OK, my kids' school sent round a request for help to clean up their garden (so the kiddies can grow beans and such) this Saturday, and since I haven't done much in the way of volunteering thus far, I signed up. So I'll be pulling weeds and moving rocks tomorrow, but its all in a good cause...
It's looking like the range trip will have to be postponed, because Sunday's booked too. I'll be heading down to San Diego to check out the 9th Legion in the morning, and one of my wife's employees is having an engagement party later in the day.
Busy weekend all in all, but fun nonetheless...

Harry Reid

Wow. As a weaselly, treacherous, giving-aid-and-comfort-to-your-enemies-and-bending-over-for-islamic-terrorists statement, the honorable Nevada senator's latest is going to be a tough one to top.
Methinks the man is confusing his most desperate wishes with reality.
Throwing a war to get political power at home, which is essentially what the Dems are all about, is simply loathsome.
Dude, do you really believe we're losing? Honestly, because if you do, you might as well announce that this nation is done. If we can't beat islamic terrorists over there right now, where they are weak and disorganized, then we are well and truly fucked when they get stronger and pull together to take on the Great Satan. If this is truly your belief, Mr Reid, then I imagine you've already begun shopping for a carpet, a koran and a turban, yes?
If we don't have the intestinal fortitude to deal with this threat now, our next generation (which includes my kids dammit!) is going to have a MUCH harder row to hoe.
Newsflash: islamic terrorists are not going to go away until we either kill them, or submit to them. I'm sorry, but there it fucking is.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just got done with...

"Through the Looking Glass" By John Ringo.
Wow! talk about taking an escape from reality for a while! I love reading Ringo's books, because they're fast-moving, insane plots with plenty of self deprecating humor. He's well aware how crazy his stories are!
Let's see... summing up the last scene of the book:
Intrepid hero, clad in top-secret mechanical body armor and armed with a 20mm chain gun, tosses a 600 megaton Quark bomb (?) through a wormhole created by the release of bosons from a failed experiment in a Florida University to stop the invasion of Earth by an army of three-foot tall cats wielding plasma pistols who are actually a slave race of a species of aliens that includes biological tanks that look like rhinos!
Whew! Quite a ride...

On this day...

...In 1587, it sucked to be a Spaniard. Why?
Because Sir Francis Drake gave Spain a kick square in the balls at Cadiz, beginning a chain of events that would lead to Britannia ruling the waves for the next three centuries! Ahh, yes, the good old days.
Being a Brit, I'm very proud of my birth-nation's long and storied history, the British Empire, the grit and determination of the men and women who built it, the traditions carried throughout the world. We Brits are very proud of our heritage, because it's pretty much all we have left.
I used to brag quite a bit about Britain when I first moved over here, and a coworker pretty much summed it up to me with one pungent sentence:
"Yeah, I used to drive a Beemer, but now I drive a Pinto."
Sigh. How true...
My Dad used to serve in the Royal Navy, and he would tell me how RN ships would hail their American counterparts whenever they crossed paths:
USN ship to RN ship: "How's the world's second largest navy doing today?"
RN ship to USN ship: "Fine thanks. How's the world's second best navy doing today?"
I wonder how he feels about the state of the Royal Navy today? Thank you, Mr Blair.
Britain is fast going the way of the rest of Europe, hastened by the leftist Blair administration...
The US will protect them, so why bother "wasting" money on defense, when they could put it towards social programs that will buy votes and keep them in power? For the last 50 years, American generosity has enabled the leftward slide of European policy, kind of like a spoiled college kid blowing his rent money at the local night club, because, hey, Dad'll cover it; he always does.
American defense spending has helped create the myth in Europe that we have progressed beyond war and reduced those nations to the status of client-states. Sorta like welfare on an international scale. If someone else will pay the bills, where's the motivation to pay them yourself?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, a nutcase goes ape on a college campus and blows away 32 people, destroying countless more lives in the process. As if that isn't bad enough, we now have to put up with this crap.
And this.
And this.
Hell, even in the valley we've got lunatics. Not like this is Utopia or anything...
When did mass murder become cool?
When did it become worthy of emulation?

The Ministry of Safety

In light of this week's tragic events, it has come to the attention of this Ministry that Americans are just not safe.
All guns will be banned effective immediately.
This means you, citizen. Please turn in all firearms to your local police station.
Of course, to truly insure that every citizen lives a completely danger-free life, this is not enough, so the Ministry has also enacted the following bans:
Gasoline will no longer be available for public use.
Automobiles henceforth shall be illegal. Individual transportation is wasteful and environmentally destructive anyway. Use public transportation.
A nationwide ban on chemical fertilizers will also be enforced. Use compost. It's much better for Mother Earth.
Air transportation shall also be banned. Travel by air shall be restricted to government and military only. There are plenty of teleconference tools available in today's world for you businesspeople, and as for tourism, why would any citizen want to leave this, the greatest nation on earth anyway? Such desires are suspect and possibly seditious. If you must travel across the nation, use Greyhound.
While the Ministry of Safety understands that water is necessary for life, it will now be considered a controlled substance. The consumption and of water will be strictly regulated, with each consumer being placed on a national registry. There will be a 10 day waiting period to purchase this deadly substance.
While the Ministry is aware that these bans may be somewhat onerous initially, your cooperation is expected in the never ending quest to make us all safe.
It's for the common good.
Citizens, you must understand that the government has only your best interests at heart. Government exists to protect the people.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'm too pissed off to blog today. Catch y'all tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech

Good God.
Thirty-two young lives ended way before their time.
This isn't tragic. It's disgusting. It's evil.
I have to admit, I'm a little sick of having lived through so many "historic" events like this.
How do you stop a person bent on murder who is willing to die to achieve his ends?
You can't.
You can talk all day long about fences, checkpoints, lockdown and the like, but at the end of the day, if someone is crazy enough, determined enough and smart enough, there's going to be bloodshed.
You can legislate against guns until you're blue in the face, but a determined killer will still find a way.
I'm sorry, but as far as guns go, the genie's out of the bottle. Has been for oh, seven-plus centuries now. You could ban them today, but there will still be guns. If convicts in a controlled environment like prison can make them (and they can), anyone in society with a modicum of mechanical know-how can. They're not going to go away, no matter how much some of us would like.
You cannot prevent things like this from happening.
The only thing you can do is mitigate them, limit the damage.
You do this by killing the perpetrator as soon as possible.
Why do so many of these massacres take place in institutions of learning? There are several reasons:
There is a concentration of potential victims, presenting to the murderer what the military would refer to as a "target-rich environment".
Campus police forces tend to be tiny in relation to the populations they protect, and ill-equipped to handle such events. I have yet to hear of a university SWAT team.
Many (if not all) schools like this have a zero-tolerance policy towards firearms, ensuring that the murderer will be able to have his way with relative impunity and safety.
The perfect storm; large groups of densely-packed defenseless people with very little in the way of police protection.
If the authorities cannot guarantee their safety (and they obviously cannot, as this and other such events show us), then for the love of God allow the students the means and opportunity to protect themselves.
Firearms-free campuses are a disaster waiting to happen. They obviously don't work.
Arm the students.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday boy

Here's Number One Son holding his birthday gift from mom & dad...

Haha! That's right! Another generation corrupted here at the Kingdom... Squirrels and rabbits beware!

This is my son with his very first rifle, a Savage Cub in .22LR. Bolt action, single shot with a peep sight and accutrigger.

He has shot my 10/22 before, but it's too heavy for him to keep the barrel up, so he has to shoot it from a bench rest. This one is much lighter, and he can hold it offhand. We had the opportunity to try out a Walther G22 the last time we were at the range, and with it's bullpup configuration, most of the weight of that gun is between the trigger and the rear of the stock so my boy could hold it up. However, that's a pretty expensive .22, and a semi-auto to boot. I preferred a single shot boltie for my son's first rifle...

We were out of town this weekend, so there was no opportunity to go to the range. We'll most likely be headed there Saturday.

Here's hoping his grandparents weren't too horrified...

Saturday, April 14, 2007


...Is my son's 8th birthday. Got him a really cool gift... we'll be celebrating down at his grandparents' place at the beach... pictures to follow...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New danger for dirtbike riders...

Holy crap! Piano wire between two trees! What an evil, rotten bastard. It happened in Italy, so I don't think the perp will be facing the death penalty, which is too bad. This guy needs to fry.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This cannot possibly be right...

That I could be in agreement with Rosie O'Donnell? Well, except for the Guantanamo Bay comment.
I feel dirty.
Imus has been fully raked over the coals for this one. If you didn't already know, he called a women's college basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hoes (sp?)" on his radio show, and the usual suspects are up in arms. Imus apologised publicly to Al Sharpton (why him? was he on the team at the time?), got suspended for two weeks and I guess now his simulcast has been cancelled. Career's over. Is that enough? Oh, no... everyone's got something to say; the team itself, Hilary, Edwards, Obama - they're trampling each other in their stampede to the microphone.
Dude, why even bother apologising? You get pressured to say sorry just so that these "victims" can refuse to accept it. Why waste your time? You're career's done whether you grovel or not, so why not at least keep a hold of some of your dignity?
I'm sure lawsuits will soon follow from the basketball team, because after all, we all have a constitutional RIGHT not to be offended...
Um, actually, NO WE DON'T. Freedom DOESN'T mean freedom from being offended. If it did, Berkeley would have made my fortune already. Enough with the naked antiwar protests, please!
I feel dirty again.


I didn't post yesterday because I gritted my teeth and took on the dreaded 1040 FIVE WHOLE DAYS before the deadline, almost a personal best.
I don't want to go on a full-blown tax rant, but I am going to whine just a little.
Feudal serfs paid their overlords a smaller percentage that we do. What is wrong with this picture?
We need a flat tax without all the mathematical contortions, gimmicks, exemptions, deductions, penalties, blah blah blah.
Damn, did I just say that? We need a tax? Sigh. How far we've come...
There's an old Libertarian poster in a used book store nearby, with the following slogan:
A tax on work is slavery.
Nuff said.

Punked by my first grader...

So I picked up the kids after school today, mine and one of my friend's, and my daughter says to me, "Daddy, look under there!"
To which I respond, "Under where?"
All three kids dissolve into laughter.
"What's so dang funny?"
"Hahahaha! You said underwear!!!"
Ahh, yes, the nuances of first-grade humor...

Monday, April 09, 2007

A few bills to watch out for...

...In the CA state legislature...
AB334 - Gotta report a theft of your gun within 5 working days, or you face an infraction. Don't go on any extended vacations, people, or someone might steal your crap and YOU'LL get busted for it. Currently in the Assembly Committee on Public safety.

AB821 - Bans the use of lead ammunition throughout the range of the California Condor. While no-one wants to see this oversized vulture go extinct, are we really sure that AMMO is their biggest problem? As far as I'm aware, there are no conclusive studies, so I reckon it's a bad idea - just another BS law to make gun-owners' lives more complicated. Currently in the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife.

AB1741 - Requires handguns to "microstamp" serial numbers on their ammo whenever they fire, by putting a little "die" on the firing pin. Totally unworkable, because METAL FILES are not hard to get, and the stamps would wear off the firing pins anyway. This has been TESTED, and DOESN'T work - except for the TRUE purpose, making handguns illegal without actually passing a law that says so, well then, it'll work just fine.

Gun control does not reduce crime. What gun control does is give the government a monopoly on violence. Looking at examples from history, we can see that this is not a good thing.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My good friend Luann...

Is moving with her family to Michigan sometime this summer. We're going to miss her something awful, and I'm (not so) secretly jealous that she's getting out of CA.
I thought California could not be outdone in legislative lunacy, but it appears that I may be wrong.
A state-supplied iPod for every kid? Not even the California legislature has the chutzpah to try and pull that (yet). Yep, this is exactly what government is for: give people free crap. How to pay for it? Raise taxes of course. This idea is stupid even for Democrats. I understand their motives for handing out freebies - it buys them votes. Unfortunately, kids can't vote, so there's no return on this one.
Looks like it may be a case of "out of the frying pan into the fire" for my friend...
Her kids would love the iPods though, I'm sure...

Friday, April 06, 2007

New addition...

To my blogroll... When I first saw the title "FatHairyBastard" I thought, "Hey! That should have been my handle!"
He's a gunnie out in the Free State of Texas and he's got plenty to say. Go pay him a visit.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Over at the Anarchangel

I found an excellent link exploring the liberal mindset. I read the transcript, but haven't watched the video yet, since I haven't had the time (its 45 minutes long!).
It's very easy to just dismiss the majority of liberal nonsense as just rank idiocy (except for the more sinister crap, like siding with terrorists), but this guy goes further than that and makes a compelling point; liberals aren't idiots (my liberal family and friends most certainly are not - it is just that their thought processes and the conclusions that they draw from them are incomprehensible to me) - they just reject society as having failed and seek to make everything what he calls a "Cult of Indiscriminateness", that the only true evil facing mankind is that of discriminating thought. He argues that liberals conclude that this is the source of all bigotry, war, injustice, corruption, poverty and so on. How many times are we told we must not judge?
I'm doing a piss-poor job at explaining the speech - you should click on the link and read/see for yourself. It is certainly food for thought.
I grant that no system of governance we humans have devised is perfect; the capacity for injustice exists in every system we've tried, including here in the States. But to ignore the good that our founders helped create, the capacity within our system to allow people to reach their fullest potential if they so desire, focus on minor wrongs and therefore consign it all to the trashcan is what leaves me completely baffled. Yes, I do mean minor wrongs. You want real injustice? Try living in North Korea. We've seen the results of what liberals want to do to this country elsewhere in the world - there are millions of graves in Siberia, China and Vietnam as a stark testimony to mankind's attempts to create an "equal" society free from want.
Greed, corruption and all the rest are part of the human condition. If we haven't eliminated them by now, chances are we never will. What we can do is minimize them as much as possible through a civil society that respects and defends personal liberty to the extent that people are free to pursue their own happiness. Pursue, not necessarily achieve; no government can guarantee that. I submit that the United States, and the Constitution that it is founded upon, represents our best attempt yet.


If PETA says that heart attacks are God's revenge for eating meat, what does that say about food poisoning at vegetarian buffets? First spinach, now Souplantation... I dunno, this lifestyle is starting to sound risky to me. I don't think they live longer; it's so boring it just feels like it. Stick to steak, people; at least you won't go out hunched over a crapper.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

On this day...

In 1970, my parents joined in holy matrimony. The example of their committment, through good times and not-so-good times, is one we hope to aspire to. Happy Anniversary guys!

In 1976, my sister came into this world, kicking and screaming (hmm, not much has changed really - JK! Really! Please don't hurt me! Put that down!). She's happily married with a great little son of her own, in one of the free states (Tennessee). Happy Birthday Sis!

I've got that itch again...

Every year, Kim Du Toit encourages the Nation of Riflemen to purchase a gun on April 15th, or as he refers to it, BAG (Buy a Gun) day. This year, I won't have the funds to get one that early, but I am socking away my pennies for a purchase in the near future.
I want to get a semi auto/SHTF* rifle in a decent sized caliber, but I live in California, so my options are limited, to say the least.
With that in mind, I've compiled a short-list of guns that I'm considering...

Walther G22
Yes, it is but a wee .22, but it is fun to shoot, and with the bullpup configuration, most of the weight is in the stock, so my kids can hold/shoot it.
Pros: The price is a little high for a .22, but when you compare it to my other choices, it's quite reasonable. I don't have a bullpup, so it would be an interesting addition to my collection, and the ease of use (to teach/corrupt my children) is definitely attractive.
Cons: The bullpup design means more moving parts thus more crap to go wrong, and that caliber is not really what I would consider useful for a SHTF situation.

Ruger Mini 14/30
I've shot a friends mini 14 and its easy to handle, seems like a pretty good choice.
Pros: The action is based on the M14, and the caliber (.223) is relatively cheap, packing a bigger punch than a .22LR. If I wanted to step up to 7.62x39, (still cheap ammo, and quite a bit bigger than the .223) I could get a mini-30. The price has jumped considerably since I last took a serious look at this rifle, but it's still relatively reasonable.
Cons: I've heard mixed reviews about the rifles reliability and accuracy, so I'm a little bit ambivalent thus far. Also, in a superficial, judging-a-book-by-the-cover sort of way, I'm not all that impressed with the way it looks.

Yugoslavian SKS
The predecessor to the AK, it is still legal in this state by virtue of the fixed 10 round magazine.
Pros: Dirt cheap (around $200), shoots cheap ammo (7.62x39), rugged and hard to break, has that scary bayonet attached to the front.
Cons: I already have one. I may consider getting one to mess around with, like adding a scary black stock, a decent scope mount etc. If I buy one, I'd have the spare cash to do it.

Marlin Camp Carbine
A very attractive idea in that it shares ammo AND magazines with my 1911 (.45ACP). Looks fairly rugged.
Pros: It would make an excellent SHTF choice because of the ammo commonality with my sidearm, and I don't own a pistol-caliber rifle.
Cons: Despite the fact that a LOT of people share my opinion of this rifle, Marlin stopped making it a few years ago, so they're about as common as hen's teeth any more, with the predicted effect on price.

Kel-tec SU16CA
This rifle looks like it shouldn't be legal in CA, but it's on the rack at Turners, and looks fairly promising.
Pros: Folds up for ease of storage, has an integral Picatinny rail and you can store two extra 10-round mags in the stock. Also quite black-and-scary looking, always a pro with me. I'm kinda liking this gun.
Cons: .223 is a cheap caliber, but may be a little light for my purposes. Kel-tec is not a company I'm all that familiar with, so I need to do more research on this weapon (I have not had the opportunity to shoot one). Lastly, I'm not all that impressed with the stock-cum-bipod design. It looks a little, well, chintzy.

M1 Carbine
The venerable WWII automatic, available at a reasonable price.
Pros: What's not to like? .30 caliber, semi-auto, not a terrible price (around $800), shoots well out to 200 yards (at least my buddy's does).
Cons: To be totally honest, I can't really think of any, aside from maybe the wait... (my last gun purchase took around 3 months to get here, and I'm thinking the same would apply with this popular weapon).

Marlin 1895
Lever action rifle in .45-70 caliber.
Pros: Lever guns are a lot of fun to shoot, accurate, easy to reload and could make a fine SHTF weapon. This particular rifle is in the might .45-70 govt caliber, and is a fine looking gun.
Cons: That caliber is frikken expensive, and I hear the kick can be brutal... also, not a semi-auto.

Springfield M1A
The civilian version of the M14, available in a lot of different configurations.
Pros: .308 caliber is an excellent choice, although a bit pricey. A tried and tested action, a good looking rifle, and a good choice if I were to get into competitive shooting.
Cons: Costs well over a thousand dollars, a bit bulky.

I posted about this a while back, a California-legal FAL, the weapon that the British army used to carry in my childhood (called the SLR, or Self-Loading Rifle), before they traded it for that awful SA-80.
Pros: Quite possibly the scariest looking rifle I can legally buy in this state - a true Feinsteinian nightmare. Chambered in the NATO .308 caliber, enough juice to drop any potential adversary.
Sentimental value, for the reason stated above - I like battle rifles. I have not shot one of these, but I had the opportunity to hold one, and it felt fairly light, easy to use.
Cons: At over $1600, it is by far the most expensive of the choices listed here. While I would dearly love to own one of these, scraping together that kind of money is going to take time, and I would probably feel guilty dropping that much money on a gun... although I'm sure I would get over it... It may be a little too scary looking, and I have a feeling that this rifle may be headed for the ban-pile in this state, requiring registration, etc...

Well, friends, these are the choices I'm looking at right now, although I'm certainly open to suggestions about guns I may have overlooked, as well as opinions or comments on the ones above...

*SHTF, an acronym coined by Kim Du Toit, refers to S**t Hitting The Fan, ie a civil unrest or societal breakdown situation, as we observed during the LA riots and more recently the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

--PS-- before you ask why I would be so superficial as to pick a gun by how scary it looks, allow me to answer: Why the hell not? It's the same criteria Liberals use to justify banning them. With the exception of the Marlin, all the guns above operate in the same manner: 1 round per trigger pull. Some are nice and non-threatening, with pleasant, natural wooden stocks, but others just look downright mean.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ahh, springtime... birds chirping, bunnies frolicking in the meadows, flowers blooming...

...and the throaty rumble of my American V-Twin!

The kids are on Spring Break for the rest of this week, which means I don't have to pick them up from school, so...

It's time to ride!

Pulled out the piglet on Monday, and I'll be riding it to work all week. Gas prices are creeping back up, as are temperatures, so its a good time to park the truck right now.

Though I must admit, its still a wee bit nippy here in the valley at 5am... thank goodness for my 15 minute commute...

Wanna see it?


These are my three babies...

The bike is a 1998 95th Anniversary 1200cc Harley-Davidson Sportster with some extra bling. Not the fastest bike I've owned, but most definitely the prettiest. It's a lot of fun to ride, combined with the added satisfaction of rumbling enough to set off any car alarm within, oh, fifty feet. Heh... yep, I'm just a jerk like that...

Man, I love Texas!

Check this out, courtesy of KdT...
Cheating wife gets caught by hubbie getting busy with her lover in a truck out in front of her house, yells "rape!" whereupon said hubbie blasts the wife's lover.
Grand Jury indicts the woman on manslaughter charges, which is only just, because the guy was attempting to protect the lying adultress he happens to be married to. Maybe the lover shouldn't have died, but as a husband I have scant pity for a guy who chases married women.
Now, what do you think would have happened had this little adventure occurred in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia?

Monday, April 02, 2007


I live in the Valley of the Pussies.
First off, they whine and cry because some mean, nasty coyotes are attacking their dogs. "The city has to do something!"
So, in comes the hunter, who shoots the coyote, then kills it in front of them, instead of taking it to a "remote" location and then killing it. Oh, the horror! Pest control isn't pretty. If you can't take it, then maybe you shouldn't live out on the edge of town!
Man up you frigging pansies. People used to take care of this kind of crap themselves (and still do, in other states), not expect the gummint to do everything for them, all nice and sanitary-like.
Looks like the pussies won. The hunter got suspended from working for the city.


I'm going to apply for citizenship this month, because the current cost is $330, and next month it goes up to $590. And, it's about time I did it. I've been in the States since 1989, and have held a green card for over 12 years, so I'm eligible to apply. I'm 35 years old and have never voted, so I need to step up. The Republic needs me! Say NO to communism/socialism/liberalism!!!
Wish me luck...