Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cold Turkey

About a month ago now, I yanked the XBOX 360 out from it's home under the TV and placed it in the gun safe, having decided that it was becoming a black hole into which a large chunk of my and my son's time was disappearing. I had told Number One Son that it was in a "safe" place...
I think it was around October 12th.
I haven't really missed it all that much, but what's more important to me is that Number One Son hasn't either. I had braced myself for a meltdown of epic proportions, but it seems that I had underestimated my boy. I emphasized to him that I was not doing it as a punishment to him, but that I felt we all needed a break. He took it in stride, and there was no drama at all. We have devoted more time to such things as board games, basketball and reading, all of which are more inclusive of more of the family.
Well, as you may or may not know, Black Ops was released this week, and Number One Son has been making noises about purchasing it - he has a gift card that he held onto for just such an eventuality - and I have to admit, I'd like to play it too.
I never intended to make this a permanent ban; it was more of a recognition of an imbalance in our free time, and of just wanting a break. I am also aware that a complete removal of the XBOX could be an example of the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction too, so when I do reintroduce it, I'm going to be very careful about where to strike that balance.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

As California Goes...

Election day saw a sound rejection of the administration's party and policies pretty much across the entire nation... with, of course, the exception of California.
Our state saw a switch from a Republican to a Democrat governor, retention of one of the WORST Democratic senators in the nation and Democrats being voted into pretty much all the key positions in state government - with the possible exception of Attorney General, although I'm not sure a final result in that one has been announced.
On top of that, several state ballot initiatives passed here that essentially drive more nails into the coffin that is the state's economy.
Prop 23 would have suspended the state "global warming solutions" law, that imposes further environmental restrictions/taxes/fees on local businesses, until the state unemployment rate - currently at an official level of around 12.5% - drops to 5.5% for a full year. Of course, California voters sent this one down in flames. More taxes, more regulation, during a crippling recession? Yep, let's have more of that please.
Prop 25 would change the passing vote on the state budget from a 2/3 vote to a simple majority. Since the Democratic party enjoys a pretty much permanent majority in the state legislature - but not quite a 2/3 majority - this piece of crap masquerading as legislation has effectively shut the Republican party out of the budgetary process. No more compromises, no more gridlock - full speed ahead toward the liberal utopia as envisioned by our Democratic lords and masters.
The voters have spoken, and they've pretty much said that the rest of the country can go pound sand, we want a one-party system in the state of California.
Well, on the bright side, since everyone but the liberals have been shut out of the process here in CA, they will have no-one to blame but themselves when it all goes to hell.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I did. You?

Under no circumstance was I about to vote for Meg Whitman, despite the (R) next to her name. Her history with eBay, a notoriously anti-gun company, coupled with the fact that Arnold has shown me that a Republican governor in this state is next to useless when faced with a permanent Democratic majority in the state capitol was more than enough reason to vote against her.
The threat of veto is about the only power a Republican governor has in this state, and I'm sick of seeing my gun rights being tossed out as bargaining chips to gain concessions on the governor's pet projects. I'm convinced that Whitman would be even more enthusiastic in this regard than Arnold was, given that gun owners in this state are either such a small minority as to not be worth pandering to, or taken for granted as a solid (R) vote.
I couldn't, however, bring myself to vote for Brown, despite his gun-friendly tenure as state AG and the amicus brief he filed in favor of the 2A on behalf of this state (on his own initiative, no less), because the guy has been saying some crazy scary things lately, any time he's near a mike.
I voted for Dale Ogden, the Libertarian candidate, which better suited my conscience. Yes, he has no chance of a win, but he was the most deserving of my precious vote... And if a vote for Ogden means a vote for Brown, well, all the better, because I would prefer the Democrats be at the wheel when this bus hurtles off the cliff.