Wednesday, February 13, 2008

....And we're up!

Woohoo! Thanks to a snafu with Time Warner, my internet was shut off at the old casa on the 4th, and they weren't going to be able to hook up until the 20th. That was too long for me, so we went with ATT U-verse. Same speed, and its wireless, so I can have both our computers hooked up. I'm liking that.
We're still in the murky depths of move-in hell, having had new tile installed (last week), new carpet (yesterday) and painting every wall in the new place - still ongoing... we've gotten the kitchen, family room and most of the front room painted. Boxes everwhere, furniture everywhere, dogs and kids underfoot everywhere. Complete anarchy. I'm astounded by how much crap we have accumulated over the last 8 years. Getting there little by little. Every time I feel like this move is overwhelming me, I just have to look out the window to see the view. Yeah, it's worth it. No, won't be doing this again for a LONG time...

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