Monday, February 01, 2010

Well, My Lad...

... Better sooner than later, because you'd be up shit creek if Obamacare passes.
There's a reason that people from countries with socialized medicine come here for procedures when life is on the line and they have the means. You want to know the reason?
It's because our medical care is better.
Shit, it's the best. People don't fly to France or Canada or England for life-saving surgeries. If they can afford it, they come here.
That's what markets do. They encourage competition, which improves the quality of the service, drives innovation and, if the market was truly unfettered, with the patient, rather than the employer or insurance company being the customer, they push costs down in a way that a command from on high never could.
Socialized medicine kills innovation, kills initiative and worst of all, kills people.
It's a dark thing they're pushing for, the democrats. Pray they don't succeed.

Found at Instapundit.