Sunday, November 07, 2010

As California Goes...

Election day saw a sound rejection of the administration's party and policies pretty much across the entire nation... with, of course, the exception of California.
Our state saw a switch from a Republican to a Democrat governor, retention of one of the WORST Democratic senators in the nation and Democrats being voted into pretty much all the key positions in state government - with the possible exception of Attorney General, although I'm not sure a final result in that one has been announced.
On top of that, several state ballot initiatives passed here that essentially drive more nails into the coffin that is the state's economy.
Prop 23 would have suspended the state "global warming solutions" law, that imposes further environmental restrictions/taxes/fees on local businesses, until the state unemployment rate - currently at an official level of around 12.5% - drops to 5.5% for a full year. Of course, California voters sent this one down in flames. More taxes, more regulation, during a crippling recession? Yep, let's have more of that please.
Prop 25 would change the passing vote on the state budget from a 2/3 vote to a simple majority. Since the Democratic party enjoys a pretty much permanent majority in the state legislature - but not quite a 2/3 majority - this piece of crap masquerading as legislation has effectively shut the Republican party out of the budgetary process. No more compromises, no more gridlock - full speed ahead toward the liberal utopia as envisioned by our Democratic lords and masters.
The voters have spoken, and they've pretty much said that the rest of the country can go pound sand, we want a one-party system in the state of California.
Well, on the bright side, since everyone but the liberals have been shut out of the process here in CA, they will have no-one to blame but themselves when it all goes to hell.


FHB said...

Well, I'm sorry you have to live there. I'm glad I don't. I just think that the folks who voted for all of that will get what they deserve. Too bad you'll have to suffer along with them.

DirtCrashr said...

But Prop 20 won, so we'll end the Democrat gerrymander that Jess Unruh begun in 1961 and was furthered by sleazeball communist Phil Burton in 1981. That's the only reason they have been able to prop up the dead monolith for so long, the rigor-mortis that the Gerrymander provides.