Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AB962 Struck Down! Par-Tay!

Today, AB962 - the CA ammo ban law set to go into effect on Feb 1st that would have banned the Internet sale of "handgun ammunition" as well as mandated fingerprinting and ID for face-to-face purchases - was struck down by CA superior court judge Hamilton as being unconstitutionally vague.
Specific calibers were not mentioned in the law and since many calibers have utility in both rifles and handguns, this understandably created a lot of confusion amongst ammunition purchaser and sellers, as well as those in law enforcement whose task it would be to enforce the ban.
This law is dead for the time being - pending appeal (which in a sane world, would NOT happen in a state teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, but hey - this is California, after all) and ammo sales can continue legally.
While the rest of the country sees gains in their Second Amendment rights, we here in California are just pathetically grateful to be able to hold onto what rights we've got. Wins like this, however, even though they're essentially a holding action, still offer us beleaguered CA gunnies a huge morale boost. Even here, in the Golden State, the gun-grabbers can be stymied.
Many thanks to NRA, CRPA, Calguns and all the plaintiffs who made this important victory possible.

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