Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More shots of the Sierras...

Lake Ellory.

Gardisky Lake. Yes, that white blob is snow.

A pond next to Gardisky Lake. Very shallow, had a few trout in it. I'm not sure if it'll last through the summer, but it feeds a small waterfall, so maybe the trout can get out that way.

Me, fishing at Lake Ellory. The book is "The Virtues of War" by Stephen Pressfield, a novel about Alexander the Great. Pretty interesting so far. That can is indeed Pabst Blue Ribbon - hey, the prices of beer up in the mountains are a little crazy, OK? Pabst ain't so bad anyway. When you're thirsty. And broke.

Me and the kids tackling that white blob on Gardisky Lake seen above. Pretty big, is it not?

Number One Son pulling in a monster at Saddlebag Lake. Check out the view in the background. Awesome.


Mushy said...

Great shots of a great time - man I wish I had been there!

phlegmfatale said...

wow - stunning place - that must be the most relaxing getaway!