Monday, October 15, 2007

Let's play a game...

Ways to defeat microstamping…
- 5 minutes with a file
- Take your new handgun to the range and put enough rounds through it to wear out the microstamp. Shoot, check your brass – repeat as necessary until it’s gone
- Steal someone elses gun
- Pick up someone elses brass at the range to drop at the crime scene
- Use a revolver to commit the crime
- Use a rifle to commit the crime
- Use a shotgun to commit the crime
- Pick up your own brass at the scene
- When performing the drive-by, shoot from inside the car, so the brass is not left at the scene
- Buy a new firing pin from out of state
- Buy your semi auto handgun out of state
- Use the handgun you acquired prior to the passing of this bill

This wee list took me about five minutes... can you think of any more?


Hammer said...

Precisely, feel good laws are always full of holes.

bjbarron said...

Don't do anything.

Reading the microstamps has only been proved to be 20% effective. They get it right only 1 out of 5 times.

All you need is a lawyer who is breathing.