Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday, the Big Brown Truck Of Happiness paid me a visit and dropped something off...

Hmm... now what could that be? All the way from North Carolina?

Why, it's my Del-Ton rifle kit! Woohoo! And only seventeen weeks after I placed the order! I was jazzed to finally receive it, but I had no time last night to tinker, so I repacked it back into its snug little box and got on with my evening. Of course, it was never far from top of mind all day today... so when I got home from work, my friend and I completed the build.


Heh. What can Brown do for you?

Pretty, no? I took a shot of Number One Son holding it too, but I'd better not post it. The last time I did that, my mom didn't speak to me for two weeks :).

To recap:

Grizzly LAR-15 lower


Del-Ton A2 16in upper and 6 position stock

Bullet Button

Magpul PMAG permanently modified to 10 rounds

Can't wait to try her out... mwahahahaha!


DirtCrashr said...

Yay!! I like the C-Products 10-rounders, they let you get the grip all they way down on the deck.
I think I'd like to get a lighter-weight upper than the Noveske actually. Maybe it's time to build an upper...

Kevin said...

I have a couple of C-Products 10-20 mags too, and I'll probably wind up getting a 10rounder straight up one of these days. Hopefully this won't be my last - the kit came with an extra LPK that's just begging to be installed in another lower. Guess I should try it out before investing in another one, though:)

DirtCrashr said...

Another lower? It's contagious!

Thud said...

I have no idea what any of these various bits are but I do like the look of the finished product.

Kevin said...

Thud - the sooner you hie yourself over here for good, the sooner you can have one of your very own :)

Arnold said...

If there's ever a domestic war.. all i can say is that I'm coming to YOUR house!