Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gun Blogger Highs

- Smacking steel at 440 yards - repeatedly - with this bad boy, as Kevin Baker calls out the hits. Awesome.

- Dumping a mag through a full-auto (first time!), suppressed (first time!) mini Uzi, courtesy of USCitizen.

- Meeting all these fine folk.

-Dumping more money in a raffle than I ever have before, comfortable in the knowledge that every penny of it was going to a good cause.

-Getting the opportunity to meet Alan Gura and listen to his take on the state of the gun rights movement.

-The opportunity to not only learn about Orville Bierkle's revolver, but actually shoot it, thanks to Davidwhitewolf!

-Listening to the vendors and organizations give their presentations and noting with satisfaction how seriously they have come to take the gun blogger community.

-Getting an autographed picture of Molly to present to My Little Princess.

-Walking up to our room Saturday night with a literal armful of swag:

-Seeing my wife's enthusiasm match my own.

-One low: driving up 395 to get to Reno, we passed by this IHOP. It was boarded up and fenced off. And that's about all I have to say about that.

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DirtCrashr said...

The good-cause raffle always triggers my generosity button, especially when there's a scope to win or something cool - and it gets better every year!