Saturday, December 01, 2007

Speaking of pandemonium...

Some JACKASS flew around the corner and drove into the back of my wife's car in front of our house last night, while everyone was asleep. Our bedroom is in the back of the house, so we didn't hear a damn thing, and of course the bastard took off without leaving any info, because he was probably frigging drunk. Our car (a Kia Sportage) was hit so hard it was pushed 7 or 8 feet into the back of my pickup, so both front and back bumpers are jacked, as well as the rear hatch and the tire carrier. Glass everywhere. Bronze paint chips, too, so I cruised the neighborhood looking for a truck of that color with front-end damage (the point of impact on our Kia was pretty high, suggesting a truck).
We called the cops who came out and pretty much said "Gee, that sucks", and split. Not that I have any expectations, but at least the wreck is on record.
Called around and found another rear hatch plus tire carrier for $275, so I'll pick it up Monday and put it in myself. It's green, and our Sportage is black, so it's going to look like shit but oh well. Better than plastic sheeting in the back.
The Kia is insured, but only with liability, because it's not worth all that much now - it's a 2001 with a pile of miles - and anyway, the damage is extensive enough that an insurer would total the car, which is just silly, since it drives just fine... just needs a new back door. I can live with jacked-up bumpers for a while.
As you may surmise, I am rather pissed off about this, but there's nothing more I can do about it other than clean up the mess and fix what I can. Just glad no-one was in the car when that prick tried to go through it.


Hammer said...

Keep looking I bet whoever it is is hiding the car in a garage.

The same thing happened to me 3 different times. I caught them all days later and got cash or an insurance settlement.

Mushy said...

Used to live on a street where this happened about once a month to someone who lived across the street. It was always a drunk...sometimes the drunk was there but most times he/she was gone.

I had a '78 Trans Am then...I never parked on the street!

Hope things get straightened out soon!

phlegmfatale said...

Man, that sucks! We had our pickup on the street broken into on Friday night -- could it perhaps have been the coin bank my husband insisted on leaving on the front seat? Hmm. I drove the truck Friday, and picked it up, and there had to be at least $30 or $40 in change there, so it was worth the effort for the a-hole. They left the pull-out stereo, for some reason. *humph*
I hope you find the bastard that hit your car.

Kevin said...

Hammer - I'm curious - how did you get your culprits to fess up? I'm open to suggestions...
Mushy - normally we don't park on the street, but I cleaned up our driveway as part of prepping the house to sell, and the Kia leaks oil like a sieve... I jsut got lazy and left my truck on the street too.
Phlemmy - Yeah, I reckon I found him. He lives a ways down the street. Sorry to hear about your truck - a deliberate break-in is much more malicious than a dopey hit-and-run.

Hammer said...

I took their paint chips and my car to their door, told them there were witnesses and wanted their insurance information or compensation for the car.

Each time this has happened I was given the money or was able to make a claim.