Monday, December 03, 2007


That has to be the best Monday Night Football game I've seen in a LONG time! A nailbiter right up until the end! Both teams played real hard, but the Ravens really played with a lot of heart. Penalties killed it for them. They can hold their heads high, though; I'll bet there was a lot of puckered asses on the Patriots' side of the field.
Excellent game.


Anonymous said...

I agree but what frustrated me was that the Ravens' coaching staff basically gave the game away.

They owned the first half right up until the time they went to the "prevent" style defense and stopped putting pressure on Brady...The Pats came back and tied it at the half.

Then they did the SAME THING in the second half. They were up 24-17 and went to a three man front with little to no blitzing...Brady had all day to find open receivers and they marched down the field for a field goal.

The interception that ended in a fumble and the Pats getting the ball back didn't help anything...but those things are to be expected.

Then they went right back to the three man, zone defenses that patently were not working. Good idea.

The Pats marched back down the field, but they needed a touchdown.

When did the Ravens stop them? When they went back to putting seven men on the line and blitzing.

Fourth and 1 with less than two minutes, the Ravens defense stops the Pats for a turnover...and probably the game...but wait...the Ravens coaching staff had called for a timeout prior to the play which gave the Pats another chance.


The Ravens played their hearts out and should have won that game. They were severely let down by their coaching staff who made mistake after mistake both in play calling and in game management.

The players should hold their head's high...the coaches should apologize profusely and flagellate themselves. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in that locker room session.

Kevin said...

Sailorcurt, thanks for stopping by... I reckon you made an accurate assessment there - that time-out call on 4th and 1 really blew it for the Ravens. I think you're right - the team had it sewn up, but the coaching stff snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

GUYK said...

Yep it was a good game and it did indicate the Pats can be beat with a swarming defense. But the Brady bunch is good..

DirtCrashr said...

So how's the thing with the House turnign out?
Merry Christmas buddy!