Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Did you know...

That over fifty Palestinians have been killed in the past couple of weeks? You're not hearing too much about it because the Israelis aren't doing the killing. The Palestinians are killing each other.
The silence from the UN on this one is no real surprise. Can't pass resolutions against those nasty Jews for this one, so there's just crickets chirping over at Turtle Bay.
It's interesting that the world community could give a crap when the Palestinians are shooting each other, but if a Palestinian boy should so much as skin his knee while chucking rocks at Israelis, the howls of outrage are deafening.
So whats going down in Palestine? Basically a turf war. The two main political factions, Hamas (the terrorist organization who won a majority of seats in the abortion that passes for parliament in Palestine) and Fatah (the corrupt organization that Arafat spawned - again terrorists, but also have a long and storied history of graft and corruption) are literally fighting in the streets for control of Gaza. Fatah is losing, and it seems that Hamas has been planning something like this for a while. So, what we are seeing here is the emergence of a Hamas - controlled Gaza, and a Fatah -controlled West Bank... two mini-Palestinian states maybe?
What is the relevance of all this, you may ask?
Not much, I suppose, from this vantage point... except it does point out rather painfully what a complete and utter disaster the Palestinian "state" is. Generation after generation born into "refugee camps" (that are older than some countries - shouldn't they at least qualify as settlements by now?), born into poverty that their leaders have created and maintain for their own personal aggrandizement, and breeding like frikken rabbits. Can you say "powder keg"?
I suppose I'd be pissed too and want to kill someone.
Here's the newsflash: The Jews ain't your problem. Its your leadership.

You could wipe Israel out, take the land and you'd still be piss-poor and miserable, because the guys you put into power want to keep things that way, only this time they'll be telling you the problem is America.

The last two weeks are a case in point. When the thugs in charge would rather reach for an AK than a phone to talk to the "loyal opposition", the peace and security of the people they're supposed to represent is hardly at the forefront of their priority list, is it?
And you wackjobs voted these clowns in! So, I guess y'all DO want "war to the knife"?

After all, if enough of your young men's blood fertilizes the ground, maybe you will be able to grow food in the desert...


Mushy said...

Well, a big amen to you! You speak the truth.

Why don't we just back out of these countries and let the idiots kill themselves off and then go back and kick the crap out of who ever is left!

Fathairybastard said...

Damn strait man, that was well said. Couldn't improve on it a bit. Bloody obvious that those folks are doomed to die in a shit hole, and it's too bad we can't, or won't speed it along.

phlegmfatale said...

Those wacky, Palestinian kids! Tsk tsk.

Yup, what a pack of hypocrites at the UN. *more crickets chirping*

Why do images of Hamas remind me of Mexican wrestlers?

Yeah, I think it's gonna get really ugly over there. (like it wasn't already)

Fathairybastard said...

Hey, the .303 came in. I'll be plinkin' in no time.

Kevin said...

Phlemmy - Mexican wrestlers! Too funny!
FHB - Sweet! We'll need to be seeing a range report, my man!