Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well, after some thought, I decided to help out and coach the flag football team - even though I've never coached before, and I'd only seen one season...
The league that my son is in is very new (started out this summer), and they're having a hard time with getting into an organized routine. Flaky parents don't help either. That's how I got pulled into coaching one week before the season began.
I'll still manage to go on my hunting trip, but I will just have to cut it short. Instead of Friday through Saturday (8 days), I'll go Saturday to Wednesday, possibly Thursday.
What I'm finding out is that I'm enjoying this much more than I expected. The kids that I'm coaching are enthusiastic and pick up on new concepts really quickly. I've had two practice sessions already, and my kids have already learned six pass routes and four plays.
I'm trying to keep them busy, running, passing, catching and pulling flags, as well as keeping it fun. So far that's easier than I thought.
Oh, and I'm not going it alone. One of my co-workers very kindly offered to come out and help me out - so far she's been a great help. She's helping with the conditioning (14 years of soccer would make you pretty darn good at that) as well as being there to offer objective opinions about player placement, plays and such - something I really can't get from the parents.
Sure, I'm new to this, but if I keep a couple of steps ahead of the kids, it shouldn't show, right?
Who'd have thought I'd be having this much fun?

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Mushy said...

Actually glad you made the can enjoy both ball and hunting!