Monday, September 17, 2007

A grim start...

Sigh. Week two and my boys are sucking. Bad. Its getting pretty hard to be a Rams fan anymore these days, seeing whatever offensive talent they have being pissed away by a completely hopeless defense. I had hoped that the lessons learned from last year would have been taken to heart, but apparently not. St Louis is 0-2 thus far. The loss to Carolina I can understand - they're a pretty tough team. But losing to Frisco? At HOME!? No excuse. That's pathetic. I don't care if it was just by 1 point. It's still in the loss column.
I've been a Rams fan since I was 15, and was first introduced to the wonder and glory of American Football in high school, back in the UK. I stayed a fan even when that evil witch Georgia Frontiere ripped them away from Anaheim to new lands far away. I even stayed a fan throughout the 90's, when they vied with Cincinnati for the title of suckiest team in the NFL. I was so stoked when my patience and loyalty finally paid off with a Superbowl win in 2000, thinking we finally had a world class team. Well, that didn't last too frigging long, did it?
The way players get traded around the league these days, it's a damn miracle there's any kind of team cohesion anymore. Most of the guys who were instrumental in that Superbowl win are no longer on the Rams. The defense has really suffered. All the big defensive stars have been long gone, and the leadership seems to change hands every year, so there's no real foundation to build on.
I had high hopes, but I think it's gonna be a long season... well, a short one actually, since I doubt they're headed to the playoffs...
Maybe I'm being too pessimistic - maybe two defeats right out the gate is what we need for the defense to pull their heads out of their asses... yeah, "maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot..."

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GUYK said...

I guess you could say I am a Ram fan..I drive one