Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tell me...

Have you seen or heard of this in the MSM? No? You're not likely to either. Wonder why that is? Hmmm... could it be because they're democrats? You know damn well that if Republicans had engaged in such shenanigans with guns, it would be over ALL the networks, repeatedly and in loving detail.
That's not even what I'm most annoyed about. Hell, I've come to expect bias from the mainstream media - any idiot can see that (Rathergate, anyone?) and I find myself more surprised when the news is actually portrayed in an objective manner..
No, what really chaps my ass is the fact that these hotheaded clowns get to suffer no consequences because they are local politicians. Can you imagine if you or I were to brandish a weapon in an argument and then ask the DA to just "forget about it"?
After he got done wiping the tears of derisive laughter from his eyes, I have absolutely no doubt that the response would be a resounding "F**k no. You're going to jail."
Some are more equal than others, indeed.
Citizens of Akron, do NOT vote these shits in. They are unworthy of you.

(H/T to Snowflakes in Hell)

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DirtCrashr said...

That's just nuts, and proof that Democrats are emotional, immature, and irresponsible around guns - which explains their fear of them as inanimate objects, they really can't handle them.