Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wifey and I take turns taking the kids to school in the morning - she does Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Whoever doesn't drop them off, picks them up, so on those days we go into work very early. We are fortunate to both work at the same place, which is less than two miles from home and our employer is very flexible when it comes to scheduling.
That said, today was my turn to drop the kids off. I got up a little late, but the kids were up before me and they know their routine...
I was still fairly groggy by the time we hopped in the car and made our way to school, at which point My Little Princess turns to me with a stricken look and says, "Daddy! I left my backpack with my homework at home!"
My reply was: "Hmm, that sucks"...
Cut to two hours later; My Little Princess calls me from school. Bear in mind, I'm knee-deep in work at that point.
"Daddy, can you PLEASE bring me my backpack? The teacher says I'm going to get a zero for my homework!"
Now, I have a huge soft spot for my little girl, but I'm thinking this is a little too much, so I consider it. This is going to set my day back by an hour minimum, in a week where I already have to make up some hours...
"Honey, let me think about this. I'm not pleased you did this, and I don't know why I should have to suffer for your mistake. Let me talk to your mom."
"OK, Daddy"
I called my wife and asked for her take on it...
Her response: "Ha! You know why she didn't call ME!"
That settled it. My Little Princess had to deal with the consequences of her actions.
I called back to talk to the teacher who actually thanked me for staying strong. It's kinda hard when it comes to my girl though; had it been Number One Son, it would have been much easier to say no. I wonder why that is?


Brett said...

Tough love, but the right call I think. She'll be more apt to remember her backpack and take responsibility for it. I know you must have been in knots though.

Arnold said...

Cause you're a softie for your little female grease monkey!