Monday, September 28, 2009


When I was a kid living in the UK, I used to subscribe to a comic book called 2000AD. There were always several serial stories going on, but the centerpiece story revolved around a character called Judge Dredd - in a future post-apocalyptic America where much of the country was radioactive wasteland and the population was concentrated in a very few huge "MegaCities". It was an very authoritarian regime, where Judges were raised from childhood to their profession - they were cop, judge, jury and executioner rolled into one. Judge Dredd never had a romantic interest (none of the Judges did) because his only love was the Law.
As bad as life sounded there for a liberty-loving individual, there were worse places. Among his often recurring nemeses was a group of Judges (Fear, Fire, Death and Mortis) from an alternate universe where they had extinguished their populace and were themselves kind of undead. You see, they had come to the logical conclusion that all crime was committed by the living, so to produce a truly ordered society, they had passed a law stating that life itself was a crime. Obviously, they had eventually run out of perps, which was why they kept trying to break into JD's dimension, to bring law unto the lawless.
They had finally found that one law that would prevent all crime.

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This explains soooo much. :)