Saturday, February 24, 2007

O Frabjous Day!

I went to Turners today, and after jumping through the DOJ hoops for my latest acquisition (aka my birthday present), I browsed the rack for a few minutes, as is my wont. My eyes lit upon a suspiciously familiar form...

"Is that an AR?" I asked the clerk.

"Sure is," he replied with a smile.

"How is that legal in California?"

He proceeded to show me. The magazine well was closed off, and you had to reload it by pushing a button toward the back of the upper which would then pivot upward from the lower. Yuck. Oh well...

"But you know, we do have CA-legal FALs..."


Oh man, when I picked this puppy up I knew I was in trouble. The magazine was fixed in place, and you reload from the top via a stripper clip, like an SKS. The clerk told me that if I ever moved out of state, I could return the gun to the manufacturer and they'd remove the fixed magazine.

A thing of beauty.

A truly eeevvvvillll looking battle rifle, a thing to make Feinstein wet herself, and fully legal in my state.

I must have it.

1 comment:

DirtCrashr said...

A thing of beauty is a joy to blast holes with!
I'm considering one of those neutered Yuck-AR's just to shoot Service Rifle - they have made a couple accommodations to owners of such crippled rifles (during the rapid-fire sequences). A good upper is what counts.