Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I came home the night before last to find the entrance to my street blocked off by cops. I went down a block and came up another way. The end of the street was taped off, and there were police everywhere. My neighbor (who always seems to know everything going on) told me a kid had been shot in the face right after school let out, right on the street corner. The school's pretty new, but ever since it opened up, there's been drama after school. My kids have a very dim view of "teenagers" based on the stuff they've seen - fistfights, large, loud crowds and the like. The cops are called regularly, but up till now didn't seem too interested with dealing with the problem (our city is, however, number one in California for traffic tickets) - it's too bad that things had to get to this point and a kid had to die. I'm saddened, but not really surprised. I can't think of anything worse than parents having to bury their child.

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