Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's that time again! Actually, we've been playing for a few weeks, and this season I'm coaching two teams... shortage of coaches, which is a bit of a surprise since plenty of people show up to watch the games.
Anyways, meet the "big" Seahawks:

Number One Son is second from the left. These guys are in the 8-11 division and my other team - also the Seahawks - are in the 4-7 division, which is a hoot to watch.
My little guys had to forfeit today, since only 3 showed up and we need 5 to field a team. The older kids had to play a double header today which was pretty tough in this heat - it was in the high 90's in the valley today, if not higher.
Number One Son had a great day - two touchdowns and two interceptions in the first game, and a pretty spectacular touchdown in the second - a long bomb pass to him after he beat out the defense - he had all the parents on their feet cheering. We went 1-1 today. They destroyed the Chargers in their first game, going 42-0, which isn't too much fun, because I've been on the bottom end of games like that and I know how it feels - I'm not into humiliating kids. Game 2 was closer, and if they hadn't played the first one they might have pulled a win. That score was 18-12. A fun day, but pretty tiring - even for me, since I had to referee a 12-16 game afterwards and believe me, it's not easy chasing teenagers around a field in this weather...

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