Wednesday, July 29, 2009


...shows their ass.
Soldiers' Angels is an absolute good. I had heard that Paypal was anti-gun, but this is too much. They hate guns so much that they're going to crap on a charity just for holding a gun raffle?
Stay classy.
I'm done with Paypal; and Ebay for that matter, since they are for all intents and purposes the same entity. I won't support a business that holds my rights in contempt.


Kevin said...

We've managed to bypass PayPal! Another sponsor of the Rendezvous,, an ammo site, is doing the on-line ticket sales for us with all proceeds (minus the 3% credit card fee) going to Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers' Angels is still taking phone orders for those who don't want to purchase on-line. Details here.

And thanks again for linking!

Brian said...

Hi Folks,

The link for the auction tickets is here over at Lucky Gunner Ammo:

Just as an FYI, the raffle has raised over $1,100 since going live on Lucky Gunner Ammo!