Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So the officer who arrested Gates in his own home for disorderly conduct won't be apologising. What a surprise. If the officer acted correctly, why were the charges dropped almost immediately? I'm sure any investigation will also clear said officer of any wrongdoing. Now I know that Gate is asserting racism here, but I am not so sure. I think anyone getting "uppity" with the law in this day and age is likely to wind up with the jackboot on their neck and some BS charges to go with. It's not racism that's the issue here, it's petty tyranny - the expectation that citizens must cower before their masters in blue.
I wish it was an isolated incident, but it isn't. Stuff like this - and worse - happens on a daily basis in this country. I'm wondering if we haven't ourselves created the standing army that our Founders were so concerned about. On that note, here's a couple of posts that I read today...
Good cops have a responsibility to clean their own house. They have more rights and privileges than the rest of us, and as such must be held to a higher standard of behavior.

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