Thursday, July 23, 2009


The building I work in sits atop a parcel of land held up by a twenty-plus foot retaining wall in the back, facing railroad tracks. This wall has become a favorite for local taggers lately, to the extent that our field crew will be painting it for the third time in the last few months. What a complete pain in the ass.
The last time they did it, the city "graffiti abatement" guy who was "supervising" the job (he couldn't actually do the job, since it was on a high wall and city rules said it was too dangerous for him) told us that a couple of guys in their thirties were caught tagging in the area a few days prior.
In their thirties.
Dude. Tagging at any age is a crime that sets my blood boiling, but if you're still doing it in your frigging thirties, you are an official waste of life. You're completely worthless.

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DirtCrashr said...

The infantile population, those who never grow-up, will always vote/voice unthinkingly for their immediate *perceived* needs first. That's how Socialism edges out the other processes using the apparent methods of democracy - voting.