Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bachelor Party

It's been a pretty busy weekend for me; Friday night was a poker game with my brother-in-law and some friends from his church. Big crowd - about 25 players at $20 a head to buy in. The game was Texas Hold 'Em, which seems to be the only game anyone ever plays anymore. Even their pastor was there playing, which kinda tickled me - he was doing pretty good there, too, for a while. Lasted longer than I did..
My bro-in-law had the good fortune to make it to the very end and came out in second place, but by this time it was 2:30am. I had ridden with him so I stayed there till the end too, and since my day usually starts @4:30am, I was frikken beat.
Saturday morning I took my son to a flag football league tryout (so cool; the kid's been SO excited about this - he is a football NUT. My daughter watches Disney Channel, but Number One Son watches NFL Network every chance he gets. He can toss out stats I've never heard, he knows who went where in this years draft... he's obsessed), then shopping for Mother's Day stuff, and then the bachelor party last night.
My buddy Frank is getting married next week and so we had the obligatory night of debauchery last night. His brother organized five strippers, one after the other.
As far as strippers go, I can take em or leave em. The stuff they do doesn't arouse me in the least, but it can be amusing and entertaining to watch them humiliate and degrade my friends, and who doesn't appreciate the sight of naked women (good-looking ones at least)? I just can't get all wrapped up in it, the way I see some guys do; at the end of the day, it's nothing more than a business transaction, which is fine - I don't begrudge anyone making a living, and stripping is no less honorable a profession than plenty of others.
As far as these thing go, the groom got off pretty lightly. I've seen some raunchy things go down at these kind of parties, and Frank didn't have to endure too much in that regard. That's about all I'm going to say about it.
I guess my biggest fear is some drunk ass going a little too far with the girls and causing a big stink a la the Duke thing, which would be a headache to say the least. Last night wasn't so bad in that regard - I knew most of the guys there and they're pretty sensible for the most part, although sometimes you never can tell once you mix alcohol with a bunch of naked dancing girls.
I'm starting to show my age I suppose...
So, two late nights in a row for a guy who's usually in bed by 10. I did manage to get up at a reasonable time to cook my honey breakfast for Mother's Day, and she'd like to go for a bike ride by the lake a little later. Should be a nice way to wrap up the weekend...

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julie said...

Just to let you know, my fanatical house cleaning this morning was from reading this blog entry about the bachelor party (yesterday I finally got to read about it). I was under the impression that only 2 strippers were there, and for some reason 5 strippers sent me into a state of complete sanitation of every part of the house. Oh, in case anyone is confused, the bachelor party was held at the house that I currently reside's an interesting place that usually has a stripper pole set up in the middle of the living room (yes, right as you walk in the front door). Even when I'm in a drunken state, I still have never mastered the pole.