Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

So May 1st rolls around again, and we're treated to hordes of illegal immigrants protesting in the streets of L.A.. (Pic swiped from the LA Times website).
OK, you guys get some points for at least showing the US flag this time... I'm still seeing a Mexican flag though. NOT cool. If you're so damned proud of Mexico, what the hell are you doing here? The Spanish language signs have to go; they're not helping your cause.
Here's the deal: waving Mexican flags and signs in a foreign language show the average American that you don't give a shit about our culture; you don't want to assimilate - you're just in it for the money. America is just a big ATM machine to you.
Illegals remind me of nothing more than asshats at an amusement park who cut in line, while everyone else waits two hours, because they're following the rules.
Now why don't you try calling me anti immigrant? I'm an immigrant myself - I just sent in my citizenship application, as a matter of fact. I did it the right way - got in line, waited five years for a green card, paid a fistful of cash (well my Dad did) for it, then waited another five years before I was eligible to apply for citizenship (well, I've been sitting around for about 15 actually).
Tell me why I had to go through all that, but you are entitled to just walk in the front door.
Tell me why the rules don't apply to you.
Tell me why you are more worthy.
Tell me why you deserve a pass, and explain why I didn't.
If you don't have respect for the laws regarding entry into the country, there's no reason to expect you to have respect for the rest of the laws once you're actually in here.
You obviously don't respect this nation's sovereignty, so why respect any of its other institutions, right?
That attitude of contempt is clear when you demonstrate with foreign flags, and signs in a foreign language.
Way to assimilate; you just gave Middle America the finger.

Is it just a coincidence that they pick a frikken COMMUNIST HOLIDAY for their shenanigans? I think not. "International Worker's Day" my arse.


Fathairybastard said...

Wow, Well said my man. Now I'm gonna have to link to this and send folks over. You're analogy to the amusement park line is SOOOO true.

julie said...

Yep, well said. I'm lucky to just have been born here, it sure gave me a jumpstart in life. I'd be a pretty pissed off person if I'd been born in say, Mexico instead. But that doesn't mean that I'd break a ton of laws, jump the border illegally, then expect to be treated as a citizen with free $ from government programs, and then have the gall to demand that everyone and everything cater to my native language...I have a good idea that I would have done things the legal route, such as yourself. I do feel bad that it comes down to where you're born, and that none of us can help where we were born, but for illegals I have no sympathy; they CHOSE to break the laws.

phlegmfatale said...

There you go again, Kevin. I have to link this.

Aptly put!