Thursday, January 28, 2010

Earning It

Today is a big day for Number One Son. In a little over an hour from now, he will be subjected to a four hour examination at his dojo. This will include a written test, an examination of his katas - forms and techniques - and culminating in sparring - essentially getting jumped in by a bunch of bigger kids.
And if he succeeds, he will have his black belt in karate.
I'm very proud of him, win or lose tonight, because it's been a long road and he's stuck it out, which to me shows a level of dedication and maturity far beyond his ten years.
Good luck son.

UPDATE: He made it! Allow me to present... Sensei Number One Son!

Because he's under 16, his black belt has a white stripe throught it. It is a full black belt, and he'll exchange it for a solid one when he's old enough. He's very proud of his accomplishment, as he should be. It was a tough test, as you can see by his sweaty hair.
I'm very proud of him for following through on his commitment, and to have such an achievement at the ripe old age of ten!


Christina LMT said...

Good luck, Number One Son!

FHB said...

That's awesome! I wish I'd learned all that stuff.

Julie said...

That's sooooo awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, job well done, and Bravo Zulu to boot!