Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Involved...

I didn't post about this yesterday, as the rain created a few problems around the house and I had other plans in the evening, but I made mention of going to a Calguns chapter startup meeting on Saturday.
Calguns, if you're not already aware of it, is an awesome resource for gun owners here in the Golden State. Within the forums you can find information on navigating your way through our byzantine firearms laws, hook up with fellow gunnies in your area, get advice on your firearms maintenance, upkeep and building, and stay abreast of current developments with California firearms-related bills.
Dirtcrashr was the first to point me that way, for which I am most grateful. It was also useful in downloading certification letters about my DSA FAL that confirmed even to my paranoid self that this EEEVVVILLL rifle was in fact legal under California law. It's my go-to place for any questions I have about anything firearm related.
Anyhoo, as well as all that, these guys have been very effective - more so than the NRA and CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) in fighting some of our more egregious laws in court. They were instrumental in the birth of the OLL (Off List Lowers) phenomenon as well as having their fingers in a few other things. For this reason, I'm an adamant supporter, and since I'm fairly passionate about my 2A rights, I want to support them however I can. Right now, since funds are tight, money is not as good of an option for me as time.
Therefore, I went to a chapter startup meeting. Met a few guys, tossed around some ideas to get more community exposure and got some idea of what is coming up in the near future. Once I get a more firm idea of what my place should be in the organization, I'll be happy to jump in - and let you all know all about it...

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DirtCrashr said...

I'm passionate also, but equally tapped-out supportwise.
Thinking about your AR feeding issue made me wonder about another Usual Suspect: are the bolt carrier key screws properly staked? Reportedly some mfgs attempt to use Loctite, which is insufficient.
Anyhow, stay druy!