Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was starting to feel a little sympathy...

... for El Presidente these last few days - he's had a pretty rough week, after all - until I saw this news item over at Instapundit...
The press is against you? Boo-frikken-hoo. Man up, guy. Bush put up with this - far worse, mind you - for eight frigging years! Being a Republican, he didn't even have the opportunity of a "honeymoon" as Democrats always seem to enjoy, either. One week and you're already crying? Very presidential.
The press has been obnoxiously in the tank for Obama, almost to the point of out-and-out worship. Looks like they're feeling somewhat cheated, as though El Presidente turned out to be just another empty suit full of empty promises. Looks like about half the country's feeling the same way. Never ceases to amaze me how high some people will set their expectations of politicians, even those vapid as this one.
Hope and Change sounded great, didn't it? But we never really got anything out of him beyond that during the campaign, did we? Well, we're getting it now, and it looks like a lot of folks don't like it.
So now the fawning in the media has slackened off some...
I guess when you come to expect that kind of adulation as your due, a week like this last one could be crushing.
Time to blow your nose, wipe away the tears, and finish out your term, tough guy.

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