Sunday, January 31, 2010

Horror Story

Last night, I picked up Wifey at the airport with My Little Princess (Number One Son was still at Astro Camp).
We came home and settled down for bed around 11pm, My Little Princess choosing to sleep on Number One Son's lower bunk as she had all week while Momma was gone.
I was just cracking open my book, when I heard a series of six earsplitting, blood-curdling screams that could only have emanated from my daughter.
I rushed out into the hallway, to find My Little Princess out of bed, in tears. After calming her down, I got the whole story from her.
She had pulled back the covers and snuggled into bed, when she had felt something cold. This cold something had then slithered over her leg and onto the floor, at which point she had jumped up screaming.
Turns out that Number One Son's pet snake, Leo (our Kenyan Sand Boa), had gotten out of it's cage - presumably in search of food - and tried to find somewhere warm, since our house is pretty cold at the moment, at least as far as reptiles would be concerned.
Leo was found, his tank inspected (still not quite sure how he got out) and My Little Princess was calmed down. All in all, she took it pretty well (a hell of a lot better than I would have, that's for sure) once she found out what it was, but she did choose to spend the remainder of the night in her own room... with the door closed.


Julie said...

Just a friendly suggestion...
feed that snake on a regular basis and it won't try to eat your children lol :)

Christina LMT said...

I LOVE snakes. And I'm positive I'd still have totally freaked out to find one in bed with me! :D