Thursday, August 11, 2011

It was time...

I've had my iPhone 3 for over two years now - a personal best for me, since I'm very tough on cell phones - but it had been showing signs of wear, such as a missing volume button, a sound on/off switch that would activate at random, a battery life of about 15 minutes, and a power/data socket that would work only if you jiggled it just right.
Being a tightwad, I just gritted my teeth and dealt with all that, but last night, the screen started to come and go intermittently, and that I couldn't deal with, so I replaced it today with a -gasp!- iPhone 3GS. No iPhone 4 for me - no-one I know who has one likes 'em, plus they're still $200 even with the two years indentured servitude/service contract.
So far so good - finally have video capability, the phone's running faster than the old one and I got a nice new set of earphones (which my wife promptly commandeered-I'm hard on earphones too...).
Only bummer is I lost some music. Backing up my old phone had become such a pain in the ass, that I hadn't bothered to do it in 6 months...

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