Friday, April 20, 2007

Harry Reid

Wow. As a weaselly, treacherous, giving-aid-and-comfort-to-your-enemies-and-bending-over-for-islamic-terrorists statement, the honorable Nevada senator's latest is going to be a tough one to top.
Methinks the man is confusing his most desperate wishes with reality.
Throwing a war to get political power at home, which is essentially what the Dems are all about, is simply loathsome.
Dude, do you really believe we're losing? Honestly, because if you do, you might as well announce that this nation is done. If we can't beat islamic terrorists over there right now, where they are weak and disorganized, then we are well and truly fucked when they get stronger and pull together to take on the Great Satan. If this is truly your belief, Mr Reid, then I imagine you've already begun shopping for a carpet, a koran and a turban, yes?
If we don't have the intestinal fortitude to deal with this threat now, our next generation (which includes my kids dammit!) is going to have a MUCH harder row to hoe.
Newsflash: islamic terrorists are not going to go away until we either kill them, or submit to them. I'm sorry, but there it fucking is.

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