Thursday, April 05, 2007

Over at the Anarchangel

I found an excellent link exploring the liberal mindset. I read the transcript, but haven't watched the video yet, since I haven't had the time (its 45 minutes long!).
It's very easy to just dismiss the majority of liberal nonsense as just rank idiocy (except for the more sinister crap, like siding with terrorists), but this guy goes further than that and makes a compelling point; liberals aren't idiots (my liberal family and friends most certainly are not - it is just that their thought processes and the conclusions that they draw from them are incomprehensible to me) - they just reject society as having failed and seek to make everything what he calls a "Cult of Indiscriminateness", that the only true evil facing mankind is that of discriminating thought. He argues that liberals conclude that this is the source of all bigotry, war, injustice, corruption, poverty and so on. How many times are we told we must not judge?
I'm doing a piss-poor job at explaining the speech - you should click on the link and read/see for yourself. It is certainly food for thought.
I grant that no system of governance we humans have devised is perfect; the capacity for injustice exists in every system we've tried, including here in the States. But to ignore the good that our founders helped create, the capacity within our system to allow people to reach their fullest potential if they so desire, focus on minor wrongs and therefore consign it all to the trashcan is what leaves me completely baffled. Yes, I do mean minor wrongs. You want real injustice? Try living in North Korea. We've seen the results of what liberals want to do to this country elsewhere in the world - there are millions of graves in Siberia, China and Vietnam as a stark testimony to mankind's attempts to create an "equal" society free from want.
Greed, corruption and all the rest are part of the human condition. If we haven't eliminated them by now, chances are we never will. What we can do is minimize them as much as possible through a civil society that respects and defends personal liberty to the extent that people are free to pursue their own happiness. Pursue, not necessarily achieve; no government can guarantee that. I submit that the United States, and the Constitution that it is founded upon, represents our best attempt yet.


Fathairybastard said...

Saw that video somewhere, not sure where, and liked what I heard. He makes great points. Like his point about Abu Gareb particularly.

Fathairybastard said...

Oh yea, thanks for coming over. Come over again and read the update. That rifle is fun, and I can't believe it's really Ca. legal. Didn't think anything was. Must be due to it being .22lr.

Kevin said...

Yeah, I'd really like to hear how it shoots. I visit your site most every day, so I need to add it to my blogroll. Maybe the CA legal one has a fixed mag -- I didn't have too close a look at it.

Fathairybastard said...

They all have a fixed mag, but it can be easily taken off and replaced with after market mags that hold up to 40 rds. Easy. Now, they may not sell those mags in Ca. Check out a site called and see. I bet an "arrangement" can be made.