Thursday, April 26, 2007

Light posting...

...due to the fact that April is fast running out and I need to get that citizenship application form in before the price jumps from $330 to $595.
I'd gladly pay that (and more) for the privilege of US citizenship, but hey if I can save a couple hundred, why not?
So, last night was spent frantically rummaging throughout the house trying to find my passport, to verify when I had left the country within the last five years (Cabo in '03 - just me and wifey -- ahhh, good times...), then trying to find out when I went on a fishing trip (Cabo again) which was not recorded in my passport since I just used my green card... I finally resorted to tearing apart my clothes drawers to find the T-shirt I'd bought and it had the year on it - 2001 - cool, don't have to sweat that trip.
Today, I ran out to Rite Aid to get my passport photos which don't look like me because I swear I was smiling, but these are of some fat git with a scowl on his face.
Found my Selective Service number on the net (man am I glad I didn't blow that off when I was 18 - it could have easily happened, I was quite the slacker back then).
Now to finish up the TEN PAGE application (black ink only), get all the required paperwork together, write the check (adding $70 for fingerprinting...$70?! WTF?), find a manila envelope and mail it.
Then wait 7 months.


julie said...

very cool...we're going to have a big party when you get confirmation that you're finally a citizen!

happilymarriedwkids said...

I agree! THen he won't be trying to influence my vote because he will be able to vote himself! ;)