Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann Coulter

As you may know, Ms Coulter made quite a stir at the CPAC conference a few days ago, by all but calling John Edwards a "faggot", alluding to his lack of manliness rather than his sexuality. And let's face it, Edwards is a mincing nance.
The left, as usual, aided and abetted by the media, responded with their typical howls of outrage, John Edwards himself even going so far as to push for "Coulter Cash" donations on his campaign website to "combat this kind of bigotry". Talk about milking it for what it's worth.
I have to admit, I love Ann Coulter. Her antics bring a smile to my face, because she is one of the very few on the right who will step into the ring with the howling monkeys of the left and makes no apologies when they start to cry.
I've kind of had it with Republican politicos wringing their hands and apologising over every mis-step, real or imagined, thinking the left even cares about their apologies. They don't. They hate Republicans regardless. Apologising to them accomplishes nothing but handing them a petty victory, a vindication.
The left gets it. When was the last time you heard an apology out of Ted Kennedy for any of his outrageous comments? How about Hilary? Murtha? Anyone? Democrats can get away with anything, from calling the president a liar to comparing the administration to the Nazis (and this is from Democratic members of the house!) because the major media doesn't call them on it. Most journalists agree with them, after all.
Ann Coulter understands this very well, and I think this is one of the motivations behind her behavior. Besides the sheer entertainment value of poking sticks at the left, that is.
"But, but she's sinking to their level!" You may cry. Yeah? So what? Do we on the right EVER get any credit for civil dialogue? Nope. At least she's helping the left achieve one of their stated goals: leveling the playing field.

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