Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just an idle thought...

OK, so what the hell's up with Vermont?
This state has a rich history of Liberty, resistance and independence, gave us figures like Ethan Allen, played a large part in the revolution and is home to the most liberal (in the good sense of the word) gun laws in these fair United States. "Vermont Carry" is the standard all other states in the Union should aspire to.
On the other hand, Vermont has foisted such abominations on America as Howard "Yeeeaaaarrgghh!" Dean (they elected him their Governor, for the love of all that's Holy!), Ben and Jerry's (great ice cream, horrible politics) and now this latest lunacy.
Thirty-plus towns in this tiny little state calling on Congress to impeach Bush?
I just don't get it.
How can such lenient gun laws possibly be allowed to exist alongside so much blatant leftist moonbattery? Why have they not been struck down? (Not that I want them to, of course). This must be unique. Liberal, progressive politics and personal liberty (the real stuff, not just the right to have Gay Pride events) coexisting?
California=Lefty Paradise=Strict Gun Laws
New Jersey=Lefty Paradise=Strict Gun Laws
Massachusetts=Lefty Paradise=Strict Gun Laws
New York=Lefty Paradise=Strict Gun laws
I am flummoxed.

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