Friday, March 30, 2007

You know...

I'm really starting to get pissed off about this newest Iranian hostage bullcrap. Pulling 15 British sailor and marines off a boat and holding them for what, a week now? Iran obviously feels nothing but contempt for the West, which is being reinforced AGAIN by the way we're behaving. S**t, our "loyal" Speaker blocked even discussing it before the break (AND before her trip to Syria).
I'm still a British citizen, I was brought up on the great history of that nation, and at any other point in time the British PM would have dropped the hammer for bullcrap like that. Can you imagine Churchill putting up with this for even an instant? Whining to the UN only reinforces Iran's assumption that they are a player.
The problem is that this tactic has worked for these asshats for 30 years. After taking down the US embassy, they got to keep US citizens for 444 days without consequences (and NO, sanctions are not a serious consequence for dictators/tyrants). This isn't the first time they've kidnapped British servicemen either. They keep doing this because it works.
This is a perfect example why diplomacy doesn't work, unless it is backed by the credible threat of force. Despite what the lefties would have you believe, violence DOES solve problems. Iran is obviously confident that they can pull stunts like this without fear of reprisal in our brave new politically correct world.
It's becoming apparent to me that the only thing that Middle Eastern states respect is the willingness to use force, something they have, but the West currently does not. Until the West learns this, we can expect more of the same.
If they can't respect us, they at least need to learn to fear us. I won't hold my breath.


DirtCrashr said...

Oh for the good old days when attackers would be repelled with much force and the local Terror-Raja dragged through the street in chains.

Kevin said...

I'd happily settle for a politician with a pair.