Friday, March 09, 2007

My letter to the California Republican Party...

I had pledged a while ago to send them some money, but I've been real unhappy about the way things have been going. So, anyway, I bit the bullet and sent them my pledge, with this letter attached...
Dear Mr. Nehring,
Please find enclosed with this letter my donation pledge of $25. My delay in sending this donation arose out of a feeling of frustration with the progress of the Republican Party in this state. However, I made the pledge, and I am going to keep my word.
Unfortunately, I will no longer be sending money in support of the California Republican Party, because I am extremely unhappy with the direction you have chosen to take.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is the chief architect of this shift, and I have watched with growing concern as he strays from the values that I hold dear.
His signing of AB50, the ban on .50 BMG rifles, was the first such ban enacted in the country that made it a felony to own a bolt action rifle and a slap in the face to Second Amendment supporters everywhere.
Mr. Schwarzenegger has furthered his leftward drift with such legislation as the cell phone ban, and support of such nanny-state nonsense as government-funded free health care, embryonic stem cell research and the like. His announcement that “The debate over Global Warming is over” coupled with his pledge for more government interference in citizens’ everyday life, was the final straw.
I will no longer support a party whose figurehead proudly proclaims such aims as those stated above. I can no longer differentiate between your party and the Democrats, and I will fund neither.



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